Broadcast Engineering Academy

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This seminar is a follow up to our successful 2022 Engineering 101 Academy, which was created for those interested in learning about the technical side of radio and television broadcasting. The Engineering 201 Academy will build upon last year’s curriculum.

The Engineering 201 Academy is for prior AND NEW attendees. It is also a great refresher course for seasoned technical professionals.

The morning session will cover items that are common to Radio and Television operations. It will include proper EAS operations, current FCC rules and regulations, review of the Online Public Files and the Alternative Broadcast Inspection Program (ABIP). Plus becoming a positive asset to your station operation.

The afternoon break-out session for radio will focus on creating and maintaining a program stream that will trigger a positive response from the listener. This will cover the importance of proper “gain staging”, Looking under the hood at digital audio, audio processing, transmitter site visits, and creating a fully redundant operation.

The TV breakout sessions will cover the history of television, transmitters, color development, how TV cameras work, program production and distribution, and over-the-air transmission.

Our Presenters:
Larry Wilkins, Director of the Alabama Broadcasters Association’s Engineering Academy. Wilkins is a fellow with the Society of Broadcast Engineers and serves on the National SBE Certification Committee.

Wayne Kube is former Engineering Manager, Director of Technology at Belo Corporation and owner of Kube Braodcast Consulting, Inc.

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